Find the Perfect Avocation Learning the A-B-C’s of Beekeeping!

Successful Beekeeping A-B-C's

‘Successful Beekeeping ABCs’

beekeeping abcs book

If you are new to beekeeping or even just thinking about getting some bees then this book will really help you as you begin your beekeeping venture. It was written to answer your questions and encourage you, like many other people I’ve talked to, to become new bee keepers.

It is in Adobe’s PDF format so you can view it on any compatible device (computers, tablets, e-readers etc.) and even take it with you to your hive! I hope that you will use it as a reference and for motivation from when you first set up a hive to the time, not too far away, when you start sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with other would-be apiarists.

Inside you will find :

  • What tools and equipment are required
  • What and how to feed your bees
  • What diseases attack bees and why (hint: they are different for adult and juvenile bees)
  • Preventing bees from swarming
  • What other dangers must be curtailed to keep bees safe
  • How to manage bees throughout the seasons
  • How to harvest the honey
“I have found many benefits other than delicious honey and some handy money in the years I kept bees. The exercise and fresh air seemed to help me have fewer colds and other minor ailments. The ability to watch and enjoy the activities of the bees was a great bonus. But, the best thing for me has been the people from all types of backgrounds that have shared their experiences and ideas in beekeeping.”
Terry Martyn Jr.

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beecover200An Introduction To Bee Keeping is a short but in-depth guide covering the fundamental principles of bees and their management. In this 18 page report you will learn:

  • How to safely access your bees without being stung
  • How to change colonies of one breed of bee to another
  • Swarming
  • How and when to make an artificial swarm
  • Method for safely moving one hive of bees into a new home
  • Storing Honey
  • How to introduce a new Queen to a hive in the safest way
  • Value of the Comb
  • Ways to enhance your bees surroundings to aid stronger growth
  • Wintering Bees
  • Limiting the production of Drones

and more!


A Taste Of Honey
– 13 Delicious Recipes


How To Build A Top Bar Hive

This free guide will show you step by step how to build your own top bar hive (includes photos).

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